Helpful Rules for Newbies #1

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Our first road trip to Sampson State Park, on Seneca Lake in New York States Finger Lakes region, made me realize that getting there safely with your RV on the open road was only half the battle. Rule number one, we discovered, was do not time your arrival after dark especially if you have the misfortune of being assigned a site that has trees on both sides of your back in site. After multiple attempts to back into the site without taking out trees on either side, I was about to give up with my bride giving directions that I couldn’t hear, let alone understand. Fortunately a Canadian Chap across the road from me, put down his beer and and laughingly asked if I could use some help. With a few directions of when to turn and when to straighten my wheels, he had me safely backed in. My wife said she would never try to back me in again, She lied. I also found that it was a good source of entertainment to watch other Road warriors backing into their sites, many times with the wife screaming not so kind directions to hubby.. Another time I will share my Newbie Rule book that I put together after learning some hard lessons on do’s and don’ts on the wonderful ways of RVing. For now Happy Travels, America is such a diverse and lovely country to explore in your RV.


Happy Trails!

Skip & Susie Yale

2008 Forest River Surveyor 303

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Road Warrior since 2012