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Combo Carbon Monoxide Propane Alarm – Surface Mount – Mini – Black

Keep your family safe with this COMBO Co2 PROPANE ALARM 

Be sure to inspect the Propane and Co2 alarms installed in your RV every week and replace malfunctioning alarms. all Co2 alarms should be replaced every five years. Install alarms listed for RV use. To prevent accidents make sure you teach your family and friends about the operation of the alarms. Never ignore a sounding alarm.

This Double-Duty Alarm. Upgrades single 12 Volt Propane Gas alarms to a dual alarm that detects both Propane Gas and CO. The compact design makes this a good spacing device for RV’s. This makes it and ideal device for Class A motor homes, Class B Van Campers, Class C Mini-Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck & Folding Campers.

It’s advanced Technology allows the Mute button to silence the  alarm while the RV is ventilated and Rapid recovery sensor resets when silenced or reactivates alarm if dangerous levels of Propane or CO remain. The reliable. 12 Volt power means no missing or dead batteries to replace and this COMBO Co2 PROPANE ALARM meets all RVIA/NFPA requirements.