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Combo Carbon Monoxide Propane Alarms Flush Mount –

With this COMBO Co2 PROPANE ALARMS rest assured your family will be kept safe from any Co2 fumes. Be sure to inspect and test your Propane and CO alarms installed in your RV every week and replace malfunctioning alarms. Propane and CO alarms that are 5 years old or older, should be replaced.

Prevent accidents by teaching family and friends about the operation of the alarms. Never ignore a sounding alarm. Some of the features are:

  • Double-duty alarm – Detects both gas leaks and CO gas simultaneously
  • Reliable – 12V power means no missing or dead batteries to replace
  • Durable – Built for the extreme RV environment
  • Approved – Meets RVIA/NFPA requirements
  • End of Life Signal

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