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RV Macerator Pump from Flojet

With the Flojet FLOJET RV MACERATOR PUMP, your Waste can not only empty the black and grey water tanks at the conventional Dump Station, but also down a toilet, into your house sewer clean-out, septic tank or into a mobile waste wagon. Designed to add flexibility to Holding Tank service, the Flojet macerator pump will empty a typical 30-gallon holding tank in less than three minutes. The time increases somewhat as the distance pumped is increased beyond 25′. The pump will macerate and pump all waste and tissue normally found in RV waste systems. The same high quality Jabsco design found in boat stores worldwide. Put an end to handling and rinsing a dirty 3″ sewer hose; instead use a cleaner, easier to handle garden hose. Now you can pump up hill, and around corners. The RV waste pump will simplify and improve your RV experience!

Some of the features include:

  • Neat and clean way to quickly evacuate waste tanks
  • Empty black-water and greywater Holding Tanks at home
  • Grinds waste as it pumps
  • Built-in Impeller Protection Device…longer life!
  • Flow of up to 13 GPM for fast, clean Holding Tank evacuation

You will love the self-priming and it may be located up to four feet above the tank liquid level. The intake port is designed to accept a 3″ ID slip-on hose and the discharge port will accept a 1″ ID hose. When installed, the macerator can be used to empty the holding tank into any convenient sewer receiver such as a sewer clean-out at your home. This will improve your waste dumping method and avoid dump stations, and transfer waste from recirculating toilets to main holding tank Additionally, after long periods of non-use, a stuck impeller can be easily broken loose with a screwdriver inserted in motor shaft slot. Simply turn shaft clockwise as shown. The Self-Priming Flexible Impeller has a Stainless Steel Wearplate, and Stainless Steel Cutter reduces particle size to 1/8″ (3mm) maximum. The RV model uses a  3″ (76mm) hose with a  1″ (19mm) Hose Barb outlet. The motor is a Permanent Magnet Type, Fully Enclosed, with Stainless Steel Shaft Includes Impeller Protection Device that shuts-off pump after 20 seconds of run-dry.

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