Twinkle Star RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve with Gauge and Inlet Screened Filter for Camper Travel Trailer

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  • SAFE USE- Made of lead free brass, the lead content of the regulator is less than 13%, which is far below the lead-free requirement of NSF. That means you could have safe and healty life.
  • COMPATIBLE- Water pressure regulator ends: 3/4″ threads. It compatible with all American water sources for convenient use.
  • ADJUSTABLE- It can be raised from 0-160 psi. You can protect your pipeline system through our regulator. Adjust the screw at the top of the regulator to select your desired pressure settings.
  • EFFECTIVE RV WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR – The water pressure can be clearly seen with a gauge. Must have for RV, camper, travel trailer.
  • Note- The leakage may be caused by the faulty washer or missing washer. The bubble in the gauge is normal condition, which may be caused by the temperature change or shaking when fixing. If for any reason you are not SATISFIED, please let us know and our customer service team will help you RETURN OR REFUND

Product Description





– Connect the female fitting of the water regulator directly to the hose tap of the water source.

– Connect the female fitting on the water hose to the male fitting of the water regulator.

– Open the water supply system and flush the water regulator and hose for one minute. Shut off the water supply.

– Connect the hose to the water intake of the RV and turn on the water supply system.

– Open all RV fixtures to allow any air to be discharged from RV pipes – this includes opening showers, taps and flushing toilets.

– Adjust the regulator screw (at the top of the regulator cover) until it is set to the required pressure. When adjusting the regulator screw, ensure that all RV fixtures are closed until the required pressure readings are achieved.


This RV water pressure regulator is perfect for use with all water sources.

-Adjustable up to 160 PSI

-Lead-free, compliant with low lead content laws

-Easy to follow installation manual. Easy to set up.

-Filter to prevent blockage and damage to the valve

Note: When setting the pressure you need, this is a dynamic process and the water pressure will drop to the set value or below. For example, if you set it to 40psi, the water pressure will be turned to 40psi after it flows through this regulator. When you turn on a faucet, it will of course drops to low, is equal to or less than 40 psi, but it will never rise over 40psi.